Carter: the Passion of New Eve

“She became absorbed in the contemplation of the figure in the mirror but she did not seem to me to apprehend the person in the mirror as, in any degree, herself. The reflected Leilah had a concrete form and, although this form was perfectly tangible, we all knew, all three of us in the room, […]

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Sexing the Cherry: Winterson

“If you’re a hero you can be an idiot, behave badly, ruin your personal life, have any number of mistresses and talk about yourself all the time, and nobody minds. Heroes are immune. They have wide shoulders and plenty of hair and wherever they go a crowd gathers.” Nicholas Jordan, p. 133 Jeanette Winterson’s novel, […]

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Trans V. TERF 2019

It’s more than a little sad that feminism means so many different things to different people. I am told by biologists, endocrinologists, and feminist scholars at University that biological sex is not bio determinant of a gender role. I am taught, for a grade and degree in my future field, that gender identity itself is […]

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Oregon District Holds Vigil

Last night at 1:07 AM a mass shooter ripped through the heart of Dayton’s famous Oregon District in a hail of gun fire that ended in the loss of nine innocent lives and resulted in the killer himself being shot by DPD (who were already there, and in less than 60 seconds saved dozens of […]

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