About Christyn

Welcome!! Little bit about me: I am a 42 year old trans woman. I am a very “out” member of the queer community, and I have been active in the advocacy of (and search for my own knowledge about) queer life since late 2016; and I have been out as a trans individual since Pride 2017. My life now revolves around intimacy, and the pursuit of opportunities to show people who at least this particular trans person is. I attempt to explore my womanhood in a public forum so other transwomen can watch and learn, or perhaps teach me better, the ways in which we can all engage in this gender revolution and be the heroes, not the villains some might make us out to be. I do this in a public forum so heteronormative people could be shown the very “normal” nature of what happens to me on my journey. So we can all see that we connect through our shared awkward experiences like puberty, body goals, and the need to be seen and accepted. I do this, accepting all the humble offerings of the praise as well as the hate mail and threats (sadly not kidding), to normalize my life alongside the rest of humanity, and join in the sadly too-many voices who are seeking equality in America, 2019.  I am a parent, a musician, I’m in the Sociology department and I double major in Women, Gender, and Sexual Studies at Wright State University in sunny Dayton, Ohio. After graduation I intend on pursuing an eventual doctorate in Sociology, and to conduct research on the social interactions of cisgender and transgender cultures; publishing any findings and working on my writing style (which could always use the help- laugh out loud as it were). Let’s make some feminism!! This is a safe space for anyone but let’s respect gender equity, race, LGBTQ+ orientations, and I specialize in being a magical unicorn so this an exceptionally connected Transgender safe space seeing as how I have experience in this area 💕 I am a trans woman and proud to be so. My pronouns are she/her/hers. 

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