A Tragedy In Blue, Or Black

The entire world can relate to me when I say that this last year or two… it’s not been my best years. At the height of my coming out, life in full swing, covid hit and derailed everything I had been building. I flunked semesters of school, plural… I lost friends due to distance, depression (on all our parts), anxiety, senseless fights or even more permanent disagreements such as death. Coming off the Trump era, looking forward to a life free from the fascist regime and a new deal on our social arrangement, fever pitching over Bernie and the CDC and Fauci and masks and vaccines, this virus came along and polarized us all even further. In fear of our lives or disbelief, we all turned on one another over the virus. It became a political fight, dividing families, erasing relationships long built, and even some long standing Republicans broke party lines over the handling of the pandemic, casting enough doubt on the Trump regime to topple it in my novice opinion. When Trump’s own people, life long servants to the GOP turned their backs on him, it didn’t matter that he called them traitors to the echoing chants of his followers, the damage was done. Old white folks who trusted their aging white politicians were swayed against the new president they once adored. This coupled with Trump’s entire failure to protect ANY marginalized group bolstered already high numbers of dissenters and filled in the gap needed by Biden to take the popular vote, and thusly changing the course of the effectiveness of the electoral votes. Republicans had America, have zero doubts. If not for a few key items of social disruption, their regime would have taken a deep hold on this country. The murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, immigrants and natives, children in cages and protectors of indigenous lands, women, queers, trans people and our allies, Muslim Americans, the siege on the Capital resulting in white civilian deaths, and a few important GOP leaders siding with science over Trump changed America. We have seen a country run by white, old men be overthrown in ideology. 2021 will be remembered as the year a new way of doing began in America.

All of this reminds me of American history in general: this constant agitation where the weaker become the strong, the angry, and the capable. The next in line to overthrow the king and save the hypothetical “we,” whichever people it is being kicked at that point in time. Right now it’s POC, immigrants of color, trans people (especially our children), women, and the disabled. Together we outnumber the folks who stand against us. And that scares them, always has. That’s why hierarchy’s and divisions in-group were instilled so long ago by our colonizer ancestors… So we can’t stand together… But what if we did?

I’ve been throwing around a vague idea of a story “that happens in the shadows…” and that’s about it. I think I’ve found a lot of inspiration for that concept over the last few years, and especially since coming out right as Trump took power. Wish me good writing, please, and the same to you my well-read friends.

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