Tough work: How to queer TERFs.

“How is it a lie? No one asks me if I’m a man/male. The point of being a transsexual woman is to transition, blend in with other women and move on with life.” TX TS Lady, Twitter messages with author, (January 4, 2020).  Introduction             Upon examining the social activist statements made by TERFs, the previous work […]

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East of Eaton

… ‘Time doesn’t matter. This could’ve happened a zillion years ago.’             He was telling me about the shadow government again. ‘These are all ways older than man. This was so before the dinosaurs, and the day man showed up on the world map he already had these worries. Things don’t develop that affect all […]

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Tough TERF: A queer analysis of an exclusive social change effort.

Introduction             The purpose of this work is to examine how the biological identity politics of trans exclusionary radical feminists, predominantly situated as an activist collective in the UK, perpetuates the disparity of trans individuals by way of supporting a “grand narrative” (Barker, p. 55) of womanhood, and how the political battle for biological women’s […]

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Carter: the Passion of New Eve

“She became absorbed in the contemplation of the figure in the mirror but she did not seem to me to apprehend the person in the mirror as, in any degree, herself. The reflected Leilah had a concrete form and, although this form was perfectly tangible, we all knew, all three of us in the room, […]

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Sexing the Cherry: Winterson

“If you’re a hero you can be an idiot, behave badly, ruin your personal life, have any number of mistresses and talk about yourself all the time, and nobody minds. Heroes are immune. They have wide shoulders and plenty of hair and wherever they go a crowd gathers.” Nicholas Jordan, p. 133 Jeanette Winterson’s novel, […]

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