Fairest of them All: Boy, Snow, Bird

Boy Novak is a character name straight from the realistic beatnik era approaching the people in the novel Boy, Snow, Bird. With just a name, Helen Oyeyemi brings to mind the Hollywood actress, Kim Novak- and along with her many of the white feminine ideals of the dawning, North American, twentieth-century middle-class. At this time, […]

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Red Clocks

Some days it isn’t very difficult to witness something substantial like the world news and to feel the frantic excitement of a good piece of fiction. Or a bad one. We live in a political state wherein a man can admit to assaulting women, disgustingly claim they like it, and then go on to win […]

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About Christyn

Welcome!! Little bit about me: I am a 42 year old trans woman. I am a very “out” member of the queer community, and I have been active in the advocacy of (and search for my own knowledge about) queer life since late 2016; and I have been out as a trans individual since Pride […]

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